A new solo roleplaying game by me! Coming soon. Link here [PRESS RELEASE] I'm really chuffed to be teaming up with my dear friend Will Munn at Adept Icarus to publish my solo scifi roleplaying game cyanstarlight! I did all the writing (aside from the Breathless ruleset I iterated on), as well as all the … Continue reading cyanstarlight

Legacy Gaming in RPGs

I've got a Kickstarter up that relates to this topic. Check it out. Since the “legacy” style board games started coming out years ago, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of “legacy” in board games. If you are unaware, a legacy board game is one where the game state is permanently changed or altered by … Continue reading Legacy Gaming in RPGs

Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company

Today's post is a free RPG. I've been pretty bad about writing daily (some personal life stuff has pretty heavily derailed me), but today's warm up was a little, extremely rules light RPG. Like, extremely. I cannot express how rules light. I wrote it to warm-up, for fun, and to see how little of an … Continue reading Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company


Technology is crazy. I'm writing this post from a car, as that car projects wifi around me, so this laptop can connect to post this. I also wrote a bunch of words on the drive as we go. Crazy. Like, I don't think I appreciate how "futuristic" the present is. Gallant Knight Games and myself … Continue reading GenCon