Worldbuilding: Seven Ribbon Village

Worldbuilding is a series of articles where I’m stretching my legs and attempting to define and write a really detailed setting (starting small and getting larger) in an effort to grow as a writer and designer. It’s difficult. I like things that are difficult. Eventually, I’d love to turn these into a zine series that builds … Continue reading Worldbuilding: Seven Ribbon Village


A new solo roleplaying game by me! Coming soon. Link here [PRESS RELEASE] I'm really chuffed to be teaming up with my dear friend Will Munn at Adept Icarus to publish my solo scifi roleplaying game cyanstarlight! I did all the writing (aside from the Breathless ruleset I iterated on), as well as all the … Continue reading cyanstarlight

Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company

Today's post is a free RPG. I've been pretty bad about writing daily (some personal life stuff has pretty heavily derailed me), but today's warm up was a little, extremely rules light RPG. Like, extremely. I cannot express how rules light. I wrote it to warm-up, for fun, and to see how little of an … Continue reading Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company


Technology is crazy. I'm writing this post from a car, as that car projects wifi around me, so this laptop can connect to post this. I also wrote a bunch of words on the drive as we go. Crazy. Like, I don't think I appreciate how "futuristic" the present is. Gallant Knight Games and myself … Continue reading GenCon