Halloween Game 2019

Geez. It's been two months since my Halloween game? Feels like yesterday. Ugh. (All images from the second game. I didn't get pictures of first one due to our illustrious Joseph Reidhead only being in the second game.) This year I ran two games, using two different rulesets but using a similar (zombie/demon shambler) theme. … Continue reading Halloween Game 2019

Halloween Game 2018 – Mythras (Mythic Rome)

It's that time of the year again! Halloweeeeeen gammeeee! *cue spooky music.* I elected to run Mythras from The Design Mechanism, using their Mythic Rome sourcebook. (You can find all of these books on their website or DriveThruRPG.) Rules Changes for Moar Horror None! The combat rules in Mythras are pretty horrific already (in terms of body horror), and … Continue reading Halloween Game 2018 – Mythras (Mythic Rome)

Pendragon Halloween Game Recipes

Cooking with Alan Time! Some folks asked for the recipes I used for the Pendragon Halloween Game. Here they are! You'll have to bear with me, I've never written recipes on this blog before. These recipes are deliberately medieval-styled, but obviously benefit from modern advances. I used this site to do my best to use … Continue reading Pendragon Halloween Game Recipes