Northern Lights Foundry

Northern Lights Foundry is the personal imprint where I do work and media production for companies outside of Gallant Knight Games. It includes games, podcasts, and more!

I write a lot of games and I can’t always publish all my work at GKG, so Northern Lights Foundry is how I get the rest out. I partner with other publishers and studios to create works (my own) or as a freelancer for them!

When a game comes with the NLF logo or my name on it, my hope is that my voice, my passion, and my love of games shines through!

A lot of the time I’m the only author in the book, but sometimes I serve as a product manager, developmental editor or in other roles to get these games made!

You can scroll click through the images to find out more about those games. If it’s forthcoming, there’s usually not a link. In the future, I intend to collate a page for each game with overviews, reviews, and more. But until then, search engines are your friend!

Free RPGs

Sometimes I write or make free RPGs and release them here. You’ll find them below. These are often very rules light, focused on little themes or ideas and only in PDF form. If I ever change that, you’ll find out here.

Just click on the image for the PDFs and enjoy!