A Town Called Malice by Monkeyfun Studios is one of my favorite RPGs (it sits squarely in my top ten RPGs of all time). You should pick it up if you don't have it (get it here on DRIVETHRURPG) With the permission of the Monkeyfun Studios team, I’ve written a few fan playtests for A … Continue reading CRAZYLAND – A Fan Playtest for ‘A TOWN CALLED MALICE’

My Infinity War

This blog post deals with mental illness, depression, suicide attempts, and stuff like that. It's not light. Also terrible pictures of me culled from Facebook. It's been ten years since Marvel's Iron Man hit theaters, a fact not lost on the marketing team for Avengers: Infinity War, comic fans, movie fans, or really anyone remotely plugged into … Continue reading My Infinity War

Pendragon Halloween Game Recipes

Cooking with Alan Time! Some folks asked for the recipes I used for the Pendragon Halloween Game. Here they are! You'll have to bear with me, I've never written recipes on this blog before. These recipes are deliberately medieval-styled, but obviously benefit from modern advances. I used this site to do my best to use … Continue reading Pendragon Halloween Game Recipes

Vinyl Review: Popular Problems by Leonard Cohen

Another Vinyl review. You're welcome. Today I'm reviewing Popular Problems by Leonard Cohen (one of my absolute favorite albums). It's Cohen's 13th studio album and was recorded when he was 80 (!). Popular Problems was released in 2014. I got my copy from a local Barnes & Noble. It's a single disc, ten track album. PHYSICAL IMPRESSIONS This record … Continue reading Vinyl Review: Popular Problems by Leonard Cohen