About Me

Art by Kris McClanahan

You found my website. I can either assume you know who I am, or you want to. You’ll have to pardon the mess here. I’m dusting it off and getting into the swing of things.

I’m Alan. I’m a RPG and tabletop game designer, life-long gamer, voracious reader, and professional intellectual. I use this site for my musings on  gaming, roleplaying, and so much more. But if I’m being honest, mostly games.

There is a lot more to me than that, but the best way to find out is read this site. If you go to the homepage, you’ll find my blogposts going far, far back. Movie reviews. Fiction reviews. All of the things like that.

If you click on the Contact page, it will tell you how to get in touch with me.

If you travel over to the Projects page, you can see what I’m working on! I work on many projects (it’s getting updated, don’t worry – though I never seem to actually do it, I’ll update it one day, I promise), and I’ll be sharing even more as things roll forward and on!

I own and operate Gallant Knight Games and work with other companies as Northern Lights Foundry, doing writing, designing and production for tabletop games.

This blog is my personal stances and viewpoints, and is certainly not a reflection on any other soul or individual.

Everything on this blog is 2022 © Alan Bahr, or © Alan Bahr in the year the article is published; unless otherwise noted.

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