Zines/ZineQuest & Impromptu Creativity

I really wanna make a zine for ZineQuest this year. I find ZineQuest so inspiring to write for and I just...wanna do something. But post GenCon, I'm not feeling like I have the space/bandwidth with my normal commitments to turn around and do an impromptu creative project. I'm sitting on three Zine ideas, but I … Continue reading Zines/ZineQuest & Impromptu Creativity

The Castle of the Chained Laird

A Tombpunk Adventure Location I’m making an effort to post on this blog once a day. It doesn’t need to be big, long, or heavy on details, but I’m trying to write down and publish one musing, idea, theme, topic, or something each day as a daily warm-up for my writing and creative work. I'm been … Continue reading The Castle of the Chained Laird