Planet Mercenary – A retrospective?

Planet Mercenary is a game I helped to write and did a majority of the rules design on, especially the initial engine and concepts. It's a game I'm very proud of. Exceptionally so, and I consider it firmly in the "Best Work" category of my career (which while small, is growing rapidly.) Last night, the Game Chief Secrets … Continue reading Planet Mercenary – A retrospective?

Vinyl Review: Traveller by Chris Stapleton

One of my big "off-line" hobbies is listening to, and getting vinyl records. This week I got Chris Stapleton's Traveller record, so here's a review! Traveller is a 2015 release by Stapleton and is his first debut album (although he's done lots of work on very popular country songs as a lyricist and backing vocalist). I got my copy … Continue reading Vinyl Review: Traveller by Chris Stapleton