Terror in the Khadoran Tundra! Now with more guts and blood!

Hey yo! Part two of my recap of our first session of IKRPG is here.

So, Gort and Nikolai the Terrible have leapt off of a moving train in the northern tundra of Siberia Khador and are chasing down a Iosan (elf) witch who has an item that Nikolai wants, due to the orders from Nikolai’s order. They proceeded to hunt down the elf before cornering her in a cave…before Nikolai could finish the witch off, she teleported from the room, leaving behind a lot of gear she didn’t want to.

They managed to obtain a map of Iosan survival caches throughout the tundra that will doubtlessly be useful.


While all this was going on, Lutero, Overbeck and Grey were searching the room of the now-deceased Drogen. Noticing the train had slowed to a stop, they began to pick up the pace. Finding the item they’d been hired to obtain, Overbeck was searching the room, when the whiskey in his glass begin to ripple a la Jurassic Park. He looked out the window, just in time to see the side of the car he was in catch a faceful of Carnivian…

Yeah. I know.


Anyways, gunfire flew off the armored hide of the thing, and the three daring heroes broke and ran, clearly putting their lives in front of their allies and the other passengers.

Meanwhile, Gort and Nickolai had arrived at the front of the train, noticing it was stopped. Of course, this was the perfect moment for a raek to leap on Nickolai and bear him down.



Again. Yup.

I’ll make it easy to understand though. Everyone ran like hell, got on the engine and left the rest of the train behind…

Oh, Gort has some weird maggoty/wormy infection in his shoulder where a Raek bit him…


And they’re running low on fuel and food in the tundra….



Iron Kingdoms: Terror in the Khadoran Tundra!

Bum bum bum!!!!!

That title is probably a little over the top for the two hours of gameplay we had. But hey. Whatevs.

My one-friday-a-month gaming group launched our new game last Friday. This group is great, because our “writer-nerd-game-night” group is populated by excellent authors and storytellers.

Larry Correia (one of our players) does fiction for Privateer Press, the company that publishes the excellent Warmachine tabletop game, and the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game set in the same universe. So, Larry lobbied pretty hard for us to play IK, and after some serious arm twisting and threats (actually it was really easy), I agreed to run a game.

I warned the group that my idea for the campaign was a mash up of The Thing, 30 Days of Night, and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

So, we got together on Friday. Had an excellent barbecue (all thanks to Larry and his amazing wife), and retired to the nerd attic to make our characters.

So let’s go down the roll of our characters:

Juan Gaspar Tavoro de Lutero, played by Larry Correia. A military officer/investigator/rifleman, Larry has based his character concept in part, on Idris Elba in Luthor. Sort of a team leader style character, Juan Lutero can buff and assist the party in achieving success. He’s searching for the man who killed his wife.

Gort, played by Brad Torgersen. A Ogrun from Cygnar, Gort is a rifleman/highwayman/soldier who was orphaned around humans and is shunned by Ogrun for not being…ogrun-y enough. Think ogre with a chaingun. Tons of fun.

Weston Longbarrow Overbeck III of the Caspia Overbecks AKA Burton Rice Edgars (phew!), played by Pat Tracy. A outcast Cygnaran noble/sorcerer, Weston is a pulp fiction/dime novelist who travels the Iron Kingdoms writing the exploits of legendary outlaws and more! Also..he uses frost magic to explode heads.

Grand Inquisitor Nikolai Heinrich Von Dolphus, played by Tony Battaglino. Nikolai the Terrible is a Paladin/Scrutator/Knight who specializes in dispensing Old Faith Justice to the heretics, traitors and scum who inhabit the far north. Also, he’s got some pretty big secrets of his own.

Lucius Grey played by Steve Diamond. Lucius is patterned off of Raylan Givens from Justified. A Llaelese gunmage/pistolero/duelist with a sordid past of broken hearts, empty cartridges, and drained bottles of whiskey, Lucius is a bit of a legend with a pistol.

Together they form a mercenary company called the Black Foxes.

And how the first session went? Well, the players will be writing up some fictions that I’ll be posting at some point. But suffice it to say, it went great!

This campaign is only going to take about 6-10 sessions to play out, so here’s hoping it’s as rocking the whole way through.

Below is my write up of the session:


After character creation, our characters find themselves aboard the Iron Dragon trainline running across the northern tundra of Khador (think Imperialist Russia with Steampunk). As the players are attempting to locate a fellow named Drogen the Black and regain an item from him, they begin to search one of the train cars they are on. A fellow sees them, and bolts towards the back. Gort easily manhandles him into a barstool and the party questions him.

Meanwhile, Nikolai is staring at some Iosans.

Lutaro and Grey question this man (named Dimitri) about what he knows. Dimitri tells them he’s a Kayazy (Russian mafia). He informs them his boss is in the back of the train and can probably help them. So the group leaves to go talk to Boris the Fat.

Meanwhile, the paladin is still starting at the Iosans.

The group means up with Boris who informs them he’d like Drogen dead, and that Drogen will board the train at the next stop. The group parts ways from the train car full of hired killers and thugs and they arrive just in time to see the paladin get thrown across the bar in the train car by a large Iosan. The Paladin had apparently demanded some item back and the three Iosans erupted into violence towards him. One of them, a young magic-user was able to bypass the Paladin’s shield with her runebolt cannon, and proceeded to steal the item (a box) back and teleport ontop the train to escape. The other two Iosanwere quickly dispatched by the paladin and his allies, and the Ogrun proceeded to use his chaingun to mow down the Iosan on top the car. Nikolai and Gort leapt of the train to pursue the corpse of the Iosan.

While this is all going on, Lutaro, Lucius, and Weston are all drawn into a gun fight with Drogen who was hiding on the train. They quickly gun him down, but not after Lucius has taken a hefty beating.

While the part is searching Drogen’s compartment for the item they are to retrieve from him. What happens after that…well…I’ll write that up tomorrow! It deserves it’s own post.