Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy



This movie came out Thursday night. Within twelve hours of it coming out, I’d seen it twice.

This is the best movie ever made.

I saw this as a huge Captain America fan, who consistently decries anyone who disagrees with me on that topic. And don’t get me wrong, my opinions of the Captain America stand-alone films are not diminished. Rather, I had no idea a movie that felt like this could be made. Frankly, I imagine my feelings in the theater as the opening title danced on screen were similar to the first viewings of Star Wars: A New Hope on the big screen.

I could rave on and on about the action, and the dialogue, and the special effects, and the in-Universe references, and the soundtrack, and the score, and the acting, but I won’t.

It was awesome. I’ll see it again. And again. And then I’ll buy it.  I don’t have any better words to describe this movie. I felt like a kid, who had been given the worlds greatest present.

And Marvel now has a line of credit with me that will last them several bad movies. Several.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Spoilers/Review)

ImageNote: I am an avid (some would use the word fanatic) Captain America fan. I saw the first one in theaters multiple times (19), and my house is littered with Cap memorabilia. I am predisposed to love this film. However, I try to be objective. As of this review, I’ve seen the film 3 times. 


After reading the disclaimer above, I feel I can sum up this movie in three words. Greatest. Movie. Ever.

Let’s start with the positives, and we’ll end with the negatives. 

Plot? Simple. Concise. An excellent example of straight forwards, interesting, storytelling.

Pacing? Tense. Movie did not feel 2 and a half hours long. I was on the edge of my seat still, during my third viewing..

Cinematography? Overall, an A-. There were some issues with shaky cam during a few of the action sequences, but overall, not enough to distract or jar me from the film.

Fight Choreography? Wow. Literally, the only word I have to describe the action in this film is “bonecrushing.” It was hands down, some of the best fight choreography I’ve ever seen imparted on a film in recent years. (Man of Tai Chi is up there also). 

Acting? Great. Every actor nailed their part, and there was no weakness among the principal cast. Really, the only part of the cast I’d call out would be Emily Vancamp’s Agent 13/Sharon Carter, who wasn’t bad at all, but she simply wasn’t playing on the same level as veterans Robert Redford, Chris Evans, or even recent TV-to-film transfer Colbie Smulders.

Uh…Marvel callbacks and references? Awesome. The movie was so jam packed, and so heavily integrated into Agents of Shield and the Avengers, that I could hardly keep still. Or from talking. (Sorry fellow viewers).

I’m carefully trying to avoid spoilers, since the movie just came out today, so I’ll keep it short. This is my favorite movie of the year.

And this is hands down my favorite Cap costume thus far. I loved the callback to Captain Steve Rogers of the Secret Avengers.


On to the negatives. There aren’t any.