I love cooking. I love cookbooks. I love everything food and shared meals means. Cooking is a hobby that brings me a lot of joy, passion, and fulfillment. For me, it’s all about community, family, and a way to combine two things I love: gaming & being with people I care about.

I’m always cooking for my game groups (it’s a standing tradition that you get fed well if you come to game night here at Chez Gallant).

But really, deep down, I like buying cookbooks. I love the stories, the pictures, and the ideas. And I especially love raiding discount bins at bookstores for obscure, weird, or novelty finds, and I’ve accumulated a few over the years.

However, they just sit there, being enjoyed as books, but not as cookbooks. So this little blog series is an attempt to fix that. I’m going to go through these themed and novelty cookbooks (some based on shows, books, video games, tabletop gaming, or general media out there), try to make one of these recipes a week.

I’m going to share them here, with pictures, stories about what went right, what went wrong, and everything in between (and we’ll probably tie in my love of tabletop gaming a bit too…)

Latest Dicey Spicings (ugh, that’s bad)