On Moonlit Wings

On Moonlit Wings is a weird project. It combines mechanics from an upcoming game called Candlelight into a micro-d20 framework called “M20 Adamantine Edition”.


A minimalist fantasy RPG inspired by the fifth edition of the worlds most popular fantasy RPG, and the DIY ethos of the old-school revival movement, ON MOONLIT WINGS is serves as a partial ashcan for the upcoming Candlelight RPG from Gallant Knight Games, as well as a minor hack on the micro-lite d20 rules!
Use a Candle to help measure the balance between good and evil, adding an additional layer of concern and tactile experience to your fantasy roleplaying.

Like all Gallant Pocket Games, ON MOONLIT WINGS assumes previous experiences with RPGs and a basic understanding of the concepts and tropes in roleplaying games.

DISCLAIMER: As with any live flame, be careful using a Candle, and only use it in a well-ventilated, safe area, away from flammable materials.

You can get it on the GKG webstore or DriveThruRPG.