Crescendo of Violence

Crescendo of Violence is my attempt to emulate GMless RPGs and movies like Baby Driver, Free Fire and similar.

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Crescendo of Violence is the new GMless post-heist shoot-out roleplaying game! Part of the Gallant Pocket Games line, Crescendo is a GMless narrative roleplaying game that involves betrayal, backstabbing, and more! Players will take on the role of thieves attempting to divvy out their loot after a heist. Played over a number of rounds, the thieves have only a limited amount of time until the law comes crashing down on them.

Will you live? Will you get the loot?

Crescendo of Violence uses a heavily modified D6^3 Mayhem system.

You can buy it on the GKG Webstore or on DriveThruRPG. Use the links below.