RPG Spotlight: Corporia

This column is part of an ongoing series highlight RPGs that I like and feel are not as well known as they deserve. 

So, I’ve stopped reviewing RPGs on this blog (you can see the post why HERE), but not reviewing RPGs has caused my already sporadic blog output to drop. So, I need to do something else.

I decided to highlight RPGs I love, and try to increase awareness of clever, fun, or interesting RPGs that I wish more people played. It’ll be hard to distinguish why this is different than a review (I won’t give ratings for starters). Consider these less a “review” and more a “recommendation” as if we were talking in person and you asked me to refer a lesser known RPG for you to purchase.

So let’s start with Corporia!


Cover Image from DriveThruRPG

I love Arthurian RPGs (Pendragon first and foremost and I’m very fond of Keltia), and I love science fiction in it’s many and sundry forms, so that’s pretty great. I reviewed it previously (HERE) and I was pretty positive.

I still am, and I chose this game for my first spotlight for two reasons.

  1. This is a great game that deserves more market penetration. It’s not perfect, but it’s clever, innovative, and different, and I think that’s well worth taking a look at it.
  2. Mark is a talented designer who knows how to put together an useful and stylized product, and I want more Corporia stuff, so if I highlight this and he gets more sales, maybe I’ll get more Corporia stuff!

(Hear that Mark? I want more Corporia. We should talk.)

So what is Corporia? It’s near-future corporate dystopia where you play characters who are supernaturally empowered (or straight reincarnations out of Arthurian myth) attempting to protect the world (a la X-Files, Angel or Torchwood). It’s sort of Shadowrun but less punk, and a bit more mythical, and very well done.

It takes place in a generic city, with lots of cool details, some groan inducing plays on Arthurian mythos (the X-Caliber laser pistol for one), and a lot of potential for fun, dramatic, and cool play.

I’d suggest you take a look. It’s on DriveThuRPG and RPGNow as a Print on Demand product.