Gen Con Schedule!

Hey folks.

So once again, I will be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis. It’s always pretty fun, but I have a pretty full plate this year, so I figured telling everyone where I will be might help you track me down.

I’ll be the tall balding fellow with the cane and backpack full or swag.

So, let’s go:

Wednesday Night

4:00 pm – Arrive, check into hotel, meet with Planet Mercenary Game Chiefs for pre-GenCon briefing.

7:00 pm – Run a Kickstarter reward game for the Battlefield Press Sherwood Kickstarter (the original GM had a priority conflict, so I’m backfilling).


9 AM to Noon – at the Hypernode Media booth or wandering the Exhibit Hall. If you need me, Hypernode Media can reach me.

1 PM to 4 PM – Game demos I’ll be participating in.

9 PM to Midnight – Gaming with Friends!


9 AM to Noon – I’ll be running Planet Mercenary!

1 PM to 2 PM – I have a seminar! “Third Party Publishing for 5th Editon D&D, DMsGuild, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Fate, etc”

2 PM to 6 PM – Exhibit Hall or Gaming with Friends.

6 PM on – Dinner, gaming with Friends.


9 AM to 11 AM – Exhibit Hall

11 AM to 2 PM – Gaming with Friends (LotR LCG!)

2 PM to 7 PM – Exhibit Hall, Gaming, Dinner w/ Friends.

7 PM to 10 PM – Special Invite Planet Mercenary Game!


Early early early – Fly Home.

There you have it! If you need a map, here’s a handy little map