Legacy Gaming in RPGs

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Since the “legacy” style board games started coming out years ago, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of “legacy” in board games. If you are unaware, a legacy board game is one where the game state is permanently changed or altered by what happens (via stickers, destruction of game materials, writing, etc.)

I find it a fascinating…well, anything really. But especially as it applies to RPGs.

Of course, character sheets are automatically a sort of “legacy” component, so RPGs already have that vibe.

Other companies have experimented with this. Games like A Single Moment where character sheets can be torn when you die, TORN by Robert Denton, where your character sheet is mutilated as horror movie bits happen to you, Forbidden Lands, with its maps and stickers, all play with elements of that legacy style of play.

To me, the most interesting legacy artifact is one that has a record of your game as well as an in game use.

Imagine keeping a “in-character” journal, that served as a living ongoing representation of the game, as well as an artifact that can be handed down to future characters to bring them up to speed on the game. To me, that idea is *really* cool.

Which is how I ended up on this current four-zine bundle. Rich August (from Steamforged Games) and I were talking about the potential, and I whipped up Montnoir as a brief exercise to get my ideas workable and on paper. We sorta jammed out these games to the point where you see it now on Kickstarter.

I’m pretty thrilled with the idea and I think they came together great. You should check them out.