Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company

Today’s post is a free RPG. I’ve been pretty bad about writing daily (some personal life stuff has pretty heavily derailed me), but today’s warm up was a little, extremely rules light RPG.

Like, extremely.

I cannot express how rules light. I wrote it to warm-up, for fun, and to see how little of an RPG I could make. It’s not fancy, it’s not edited, and it’s not big. Hope you dig it.


2 thoughts on “Free RPG – The Saturn Planetary Development Company

  1. Hi there, I’m desperately wondering if there’s a version of the [Redacted] Hack anywhere online? I’m trying to run a stripped-down, rules-light spy game and I thought it was perfect system — but it seems to be gone from the Internet. Any idea where, or if, I might still find it?

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