Technology is crazy. I’m writing this post from a car, as that car projects wifi around me, so this laptop can connect to post this.

I also wrote a bunch of words on the drive as we go. Crazy. Like, I don’t think I appreciate how “futuristic” the present is.

Gallant Knight Games and myself will be at booth 1929 (we’re in the Studio2 isle, so we share a booth number with others.) You can find our table banners with our logos and art!

We’ve got some new releases (Things That Go Squeak in the Night, Lighthearted, Temples & Tombs), some previous releases that haven’t made it to GenCon before (due to 2020/2021 – Tiny Cthulhu, Zorro, etc), and I hope we get the chance to say hi to you and you come by!

I also have a bunch of meetings, so if I’m not in the booth, just let Erin know and she can tell you when I’m back.

I know Osprey will be there with Heirs to Heresy, and the Schlock Mercenary team will also have Planet Mercenary there!

It’s fun to be going back, and I can’t wait to see all my GenCon friends again.