Lady Véronique de Aquitelle – A For Coin & Blood 2e NPC

I’m making an effort to post on this blog once a day. It doesn’t need to be big, long, or details, but I’m trying to write down and publish one musing, idea, theme, topic, or something each day as a daily warm-up for my writing and creative work.

The art below was a reward for the Fat Goblin Games Patreon, where Rick Hershey delivers excellent stock art on a monthly basis. This piece came yesterday, and I really liked it and wanted to write up an NPC for it.

You can find the FGG Patreon HERE and their website HERE.

This NPC uses For Coin & Blood: Second Edition, which I wrote and can be found on DriveThruRPG or the Gallant Knight Games webstore.

Art by Rich Hershey
Publisher’s choice Quality Stock Art 2022 (C) Rich Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

Lady Véronique de Aquitelle

Lady Véronique de Aquitelle is a noblewoman turned sellsword and mercenary leader.

Born to a wealthy and noble family in Vers Toulsegur, she fled home at an young age after killing a fellow noble in a duel over a lover.

She survived without her wealth, by leaning on her wits, skill with a blade, and sheer daring. This served her well, until a fateful conflict with a diabolist and cult killed her lover and travelling partner. She gathered a band of thugs and followers, and begin hiring out as mercenaries, attempting to accumulate wealth, as well as travelling the Northern Cities, searching for a way to lift her curse.

During her adventures, she acquired a mystical arming sword known as The Grey Death, a bloodthirsty weapon that has served her will in her conflicts.

Known for her unusual shock red hair, wealthy style of dress and fashion, and quick temper, Lady de Aquitelle is one of the most sought after mercenaries and party guests by the nobility, wealthy and powerful in the Northern Cities.

Lady Véronique de Aquitelle

Level 8 Sellsword

Might: 16 (+1); ; +5% XP
Learning: 14 (+0); 3 languages
Insight: 15 (+1); ; +5% XP
Fortitude: 12 (+0)
Agility: 15 (+1)
Charisma: 16 (+1); +5% XP
Infamy: 13 (+1); 5 Hirelings, Loyalty +1

Total XP Bonus: +15%

Lifeblood: 20

Profession: Mercenary

Saving Throw: 7, Advantage on saving throws vs. death and poison

Attacks Per Round: 3

Base Hit Bonus: +5, Specialization: Arming Sword

Damage: 1d10+1 / 1d12+1 (Two-Handed); The Grey Death (Magical Arming Sword – Versatile, Armor-Piercing 2, Brutal 3)

Armor: Light Armor (Reduction: 2); Defense: 12