Tombpunk: Arcana – The Cultist

Tombpunk is my lo-fi, lightweightfantasy roleplaying game, published under license by Outland Entertainment. You can find it here on DriveThruRPG.

Tombpunk: Arcana is a series of articles written by me expanding content for the game with “playtest” material (I don’t think I can call it homebrew if I’m the official writer/creator!). 

While the three professions in Tombpunk cover the “trifecta” of classic fantasy roleplaying archetypes, there’s a lot of room for growth and excitement with other professions.

Today I present the Cultist, a character class that uses the presence of darkness and evil to empower themselves as they carve a living from the dungeons.


Cultists are often found in dungeons. While normally viewed as the enemies of Tombpunks, they can become temporary or even long-term allies, though eventually the aims of the two groups invariably diverge.

Cultists start with Lifeblood equal to Might+8, Courage 2, Coin 2, Will 5 and the Special Abilities Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing and Dark Magick.

Cultist Attacks do 1d6+Darkness damage.

Whenever the Cultist write up refers to Darkness, use the current Darkness rating of the locale the Cultist is in. If there is no Darkness rating, use the Cultist’s Courage instead.

SHEEP IN WOLF’S CLOTHING: When a Cultist is attacking an enemy who resides in the dungeon, they gain Advantage on their attack tests.

DARK MAGICK: A Cultist can cast spells. They make a Will Test, and choose one of the following effects:

  • Intimidate: A number of enemies equal to the current Darkness rating of the location flee, attempting to leave the Cultist’s presence with all due haste.
  • Curse: The target of the spell immediately suffers damage equal to the current Darkness rating. This damage ignores Reduction.
  • Summon: The Cultist summons a handful of dark allies to aid them. (These allies are 1d3+Darkness Goberries or another similar creature.) These allies will aid the Cultist for a number of turns equal to the Cultist’s Will.

Any night where the Cultist does not sleep in a location where the Darkness rating, they cannot use Dark Magick the next day.

Tombpunk and the text above © 2020-2021 Alan Bahr. Tombpunk is a trademark of Alan Bahr.