Halloween Game 2019

Geez. It’s been two months since my Halloween game? Feels like yesterday. Ugh.

(All images from the second game. I didn’t get pictures of first one due to our illustrious Joseph Reidhead only being in the second game.)


This year I ran two games, using two different rulesets but using a similar (zombie/demon shambler) theme.

I ran All Flesh Must Be Eaten for the first game and Mothership for the second. Similar themes, but wildly different rulesets.

Rules Changes For Moar Horror

None this year! Both games are well rooted in the horror genre.

For AFMBE, everyone took on the role of a survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

For Mothership, everyone was a member of a mining ship sent to mine an asteroid.


The Food

For the AFMBE game, I had them starting as a group in an Irish Pub & Resturant so I made these! Custom menus.


I also made everything on that menu. That’ll never happen again. Almost all those recipes other than the cider (which I’ve shown here before), were from this cookbook. (Amazon Link).

The second group had a much less extreme menu due to dietary restrictions, not much to report here on that!

The Game


Horror was had by all! The big set pieces for the first game was a massive multi-terrain piece military compound, as well as custom rules for scavenging gear in those locations. I’ll try to take some pictures later with those. It was a lot of stuff. Over 70 zombie minis, survivor minis, cars, set pieces, a military installation to search, and then a final desperate escape attempt at a farm. Lots going.

The second game reused Sedition War miniatures from a previous Halloween game to drive home the sci-fi horror elements.

The games were a blast. I’m trying to decide what to do next year. I’m leaning towards something like:

  • Superheroes
  • Napoleonic
  • Stone Age

We’ll see.