April TTRPG Maker! #AprilTTRPGMaker Day 1-4


So here we are! I was told I should do this, so here’s day one, two, three and four! Since I’m behind.

1.) Who are you? 

I’m Alan Bahr, founder/owner of Gallant Knight Games, project manager/publisher at Nocturnal Media, and general game enthusiast.

2.) Where ya at?

About an hour north of Salt Lake City, Utah!

3.) How did you get started creating TTRPGs?

I mean, I created my first homebrew within minutes of buying the 3.0 Player’s Handbook (those custom races were awful.) It was a downward and slippery slope from there. Planet Mercenary was my first big entry into the market though. I’ve detailed that a lot.

4.) Describe your work.

Oh man. Generally I sit in a more traditional, rules lite space, where cinematic emulation matters more than crunch, and the game should disappear behind the story. I dunno. What do you think?

Ok! See you tomorrow for more.