#RPGaDAY 2017 – Day 19


Question: What RPG features the best writing?

Answer: Oh good grief. That’s really hard. There’s a lot that goes into “good writing” so here’s my current top three (it’ll change as new books come out):

  1. Blue Rose from Green Ronin Publishing
  2. The Great Pendragon Campaign by Greg Stafford and from Nocturnal Media
  3. Horse-Lords of Rohan by Cubicle 7

#RPGaDay 2017 – Day 18


Question: What RPG have you played the most in your life?

Answer: That’s a toss-up. It’s either: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/Pathfinder, or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. I think 3.5 edges it out (we played A LOT Of that for a long time), but it could be tight.

Second would be World of Darkness in it’s various offerings, and third would be Pendragon.