Gallant Knight Games and the Future

I’ve received a few questions on what is happening to the TinyD6 line, and the products I had brought with me and created with Nocturnal Media in the aftermath of Stewart Wieck’s passing.

This is the official statement:

Effective August 1st, Gallant Knight Games will be stepping back out from underneath the Nocturnal Media publishing umbrella.

As Stewart’s brother Steve steps in to manage things at Nocturnal Media, it’s clear that Steve cannot put the same full-time energy into Nocturnal (given his other job running DriveThruRPG) and thus Nocturnal cannot continue to serve as a publishing partner for the full scope of projects it planned to release. Nocturnal is returning many projects it planned to publish back into their creators’ hands, even strong-selling games like the TinyD6 line. As Steve said, “Stewart’s ghost would smite me down if Nocturnal continued to hold onto the rights to publish these projects and then underserved the creators.”

I will still be working at Nocturnal Media to help project manage and deliver on outstanding Kickstarters, current projects (such as PALADIN) and some future unannounced projects.

Nocturnal Media will continue to fulfill the outstanding Cold Shadows Kickstarter, but the rights to that game, The [REDACTED] Hack, and the TinyD6 line and all its pieces will be back in my hands. 

Other games of mine that aren’t out, will also come back to me. This includes unannounced games, games I’d developed prior to the buyout, and some IPs I brought with me. 

The Tiny Dungeon 2e Kickstarter scheduled for August 1st is being rescheduled for September 5th (to allow me to accommodate for my Nocturnal work load, and wrap up the existing projects and products).

You can expect some more news from me in the near future.