Alan Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation, part II


Wow, I’m pretty behind on this thing. I’ve finished Season One, so I’m going to write all those up over the next week. I adore Star Trek, and my snark here is mostly be being 30+ years behind the times.

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Season 1, Episode 5: “The Last Outpost”

Soooo, Ferengi. They’re here now. That’s a thing I kinda wish hadn’t happened. Space ship chase scene, with mysterious techno-babble that requires the Federation to convince their enemies who they just met via the Ferengi stealing a thing to team up. Lost civilization, dead planet. That’s pretty cool.

So the crew has to investigate the planet. Oh, we get some Ferengi trickery and Riker shows off how civilized he as, giving him some much needed development. Sweet. I actually like Riker a bit after this episode (since the first four just…kinda made him a wooden square).

Rating: Actually Ok. All snark aside, I enjoyed this episode the most so far. The Ferengi are a total joke, don’t get how they progressed beyond a throwaway alien species, and the Portal Guardian thing is a bit of a cop out. But, we get actually character development and some well-written plot twists. I liked it.

Season 1, Episode 6: “Where No One Has Gone Before”

Ok, so Federation scientist, mysterious alien with only a title for the name, and poorly defined scientific tests! Time to get my Star Trek on.

Whoa. The acting in this episode is on point. Seriously, well done. Digging the ‘pseudo-science’, proto-Voyager plot point of the episode. Hm, Picard seems to bounce around on his personality and dialogue. He’s not clicking like the rest of them are. Boy Genius is busy being a genius (and actually doing well at it here). Alien technobabble and bonding with the crew. Mysterious illness, and self-sacrifice to wrap it up.

Oh, and Wesley gets promoted. Cool!

Rating: Pretty darn good. All the acting was well done, but some of the writing was weak (Picard). I dug the mysterious “thought as reality” vibe of the episode, and the good character growth almost all the cast got. There was a significant lack of Geordi (in my mind) this episode, but hey. Can’t win ’em all. This one felt most like a good episode of TOS.



Well, I’m now six episodes in, and there’s 20 more to go. There was some marked improvement upon the previous episodes, and I’ve got a little hope it’ll get better and better as I go!

Alright, that’s good for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

Wife and I are starting Voyager (she’s never seen it, I grew up on it). I’m gonna tackle DS9 after this, and then we’ll do Voyager!