Crazy End to a Crazy Year.

Wow. 2016 has been a pretty bonkers year as far as things go. Shall we recap?

1.) I ran my first Kickstarter  for a Gallant Knight Games product! (Tiny Frontiers!)

  • We delivered the PDF 5 months early, and the physical book 3 months early.
  • Reviews have been good! Especially for a first effort. Is it perfect? No, but I’m very proud of the quality of work our little team did on this game. It’ll only get better as the line expands…

2.) Speaking of which: We Kickstarted the first Tiny Frontiers expansion: Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters! Also…fairly crazy. That delivered TODAY to the Kickstarter Backers, the PDF being a month early. This one is full art, gorgeous, and 160 pages, 40 pages BIGGER than it’s sourcebook. And none of that increase is rules. Awesome.

  • TF:M&M will be on time. Which is great.
  • Reviews are super positive already. I’m over the moon. Again, our little team knocked it out of the park.

3.) Power Mage RPG. We launched and ran the Kickstarter for the Powder Mage RPG. We’re gonna be really rolling on that very soon, so we can get that out. Really exciting.

4.) The sale to Nocturnal Media.

  • Yeah. That happened today too.

What a 2016. If 2017 looks halfway like this, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Just really grateful and lucky to be where I am today.