Whew (part 2).

DeluxeTL:DR – My wife is awesome. My friends are awesome. My backers and contributors are awesome. We delivered Tiny Frontiers 4 months early.

Ok, so, as of today, all the Tiny Frontiers pack
bb934bb74f0892bb3f5f8a872c6f43d6_original 13900191_1740888332798383_5697033393800063064_n ages are shipped to the backers who gave us their addresses (we’re waiting on a few addresses/lingering questions to resolve), but we’re 99% done.

This means the Tiny Frontiers Kickstarter has wrapped it’s delivery phase 4 months before our deadline.

That’s right. The first Kickstarter for my company Gallant Knight Games, has finished delivering.

I admit to being inordinately proud of that fact, but I have to admit it’s because of people other than myself.

My awesome contributors, Amy Veeres, Liz Chaipraditkul, Jon Del Arroz,Ben Woerner, John Kennedy, Ryan Schoon, Steve Diamond, Dan Wells, Steve Radabaugh, Marie Brennan, Robert Denton, and Laura Montgomery-Hurrell all rocked it. Everyone of them was on time, responsive and professe806d9bcf914de1aec1f9957550fd221_originalional every step of the way.

I owe them the biggest of thanks.

My artist was great, working early, quickly and focused on delivering, and listening patiently as I tried to develop the skills of a good art director. I can’t recommend Thomas Mann enough.

Robert Denton, yet again, dealte683ecccb28a178f6f1c960fb0736cbf_original with the limited knowledge I have of graphic design, and was willing to educate me, respond quickly when I misjudged what was happening and was panicked and confused.

13912700_1740938186126731_6198047435113386146_nOver the course of this project, all of these people became friends if they weren’t before, or became better friends. I already get to work with some of them on my next project, or the ones down the road, and I can’t wait.

Thomas Keene was great, helping design and expand the rules.

Any of the good in the book is due to my contributors, and any mistakes throughout the book are clearly mine, and no reflection on the amazing people I worked with.

My wife, Erin Bahr is the only reason this thing happened. She’s patient, understanding, dcfcb2f5a355c81f9aa264b1e9a672fd_originalfocused, and willing to deal with me when I want to stay up til 1 am packing backer rewards, doing another edit, or stressing over what the next steps are.

Erin is the best part of me, and she is far better than I deserve.

On to the next big thing! Next week!