Review: The Night Manager

the-night-manager-key-art-poster-2000xI finally got around to watching the spy thriller, 6 episode series from AMC: The Night Manger.

Brief synopsis: Based on the outstandingly perfect John Le Carre novel, The Night Manager, revolves around a hotel night manager recruited to spy on an international arms dealer and gain his trust.

TL;DR review: It’s the single best piece of visual espionage entertainment ever created.

Seriously. Tired of James Bond style spy-thriller action? Bored with Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, and such?

Meet Jonathan Pine (played by the fantastic Tom Hiddleston). A hero who will literally talk himself into victory (there’s only about 20ish minutes of action fight scenes in this whole 6 hour series). It’s amazing. It’s intense, taut, riveting, intelligent, and unexpectedly brilliant. Seriously. It deviates from the book, in some major ways, but all the ways feel like updates to the story, and I wouldn’t change a one. It’s the themes, the art, the feeling of the book brought into modern TV, and done, just perfectly.

It’s over, and I am so sad to see it end, because I watched the last 5 episodes on a 5 hour binge, without getting off the couch. The cast killed it. Watching Hiddleston morph into a new character over six hours was just enrapturing. Hugh Laurie delivered a perfect villain, who you hate, while not hating to watch. All of the cast and writers delivered characters that are well defined, consistently interpreted, superbly acted.

The ending was both predictable and surprising in it’s twists, and turns, while still being recognizably part of an espionage tradition in all the right ways.

I’m running out of superlatives to describe how I felt.

It’s TV that I can only describe as luxurious. In pacing, dialogue, action, and enjoyment. It’s savoring that perfect mean, you don’t want to end.

I paid for the whole season on Amazon Prime, and I’d pay double or triple again. I can’t recommend it enough.