Gallant Knight Games announcement!

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Alan Bahr, and Gallant Knight Games are proud to announce the first expansion title in their Tiny Frontiers line: Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters! 

Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters continues the trend of minimalist RPGs in the science fiction realm, but with a total focus on Kaiju and Mecha stories and playstyles. A stand-alone expansion, no complicated tables, no convoluted purchasing rules, just pure unadulterated giant robot and giant monster fun!

As part of this project, Gallant Knight Games is hosting an “open call” for writers to write unique “micro-settings” for this project. Micro-settings are small 1,500 word settings, designed to be high-level and inspire Game Masters and players alike! This will be a paying gig, and these micro-settings will be published inside this expansion book

To apply, simply go to this link: Open Call, fill out the information and Gallant Knight Games will be in touch!

We’re excited and look forward to working on this with everyone!