RPG Review: Keltia from Cubicle 7

KeltiaCover550Time for an RPG Review! Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of Arthurian roleplaying, history, and myth, and integrating that into my RPGs.

So Keltia seemed like a natural fit for me, and I bought it. Guess that’s time for a review then eh?

As usual, let’s start with:


1.) Size and Production Quality

A 240 page hardback that MSRPs for $49.99. Hm, little bit of a small book for a price tag like that, but it seems like RPGs are getting more expensive anyways. The art inside and layout is in greyscale which was exceptionally frustrating. For $50 I expected a full-color book. Pages feel a little thin, but the book itself is plenty sturdy.


2.) Art

The art inside itself is quite evocative and beautiful, and works in the greyscale feel of the book. The cover is simply gorgeous and one of my favorites I’ve seen recently. Can’t complain there.


3.) Content/Rules

The interior layout of the book was interesting. There was a good 80 pages of setting in a lot of detail. Serious detail. A fascinating read, but it was a bit jarring to see so much setting first. It reminded me of layout I’ve seen in Pinnacle books. It kinda jarrred me at first, but that’s probably due to the currently reading slate of RPG books I’ve been involved in. The detail given about the world and setting is fantastically done, and the discourse on the “true” Arthur is well done. Where C7 filled in gaps in real world knowledge, it flows very well, and makes logical and cultural sense.

The rules are mostly good. They’re mostly simple, and mostly to the point. There’s a few points in which I was confused and had to reread multiple sections, and there’s one particular section that I still am unsure about. Character creation is fast and easy, and the rules of the game will not bog down in play.

I like their combat system, the multiple action set up is exceptionally interesting. Their combat action list is well thought out, but it’s a little too much for how fast the rest of the game plays. They need cards to remind you of the options.


4.) Game Master Section

Historically I have little patience for Game Master sections, and C7 historically keeps theirs pretty well done, and focused on how to capture atmosphere, and feel of the game. No exceptions here. I like what they did, but a few examples of rules usage would make up for some previous confusion.


5.) Pre-Made Adventure

Well well. An Arthurian “saga” adventure that will be continued throughout splat books and detail the coming of Arthur, and his rise to power/fame/etc. It’s interesting. It’s short. It’s fun. It’s well done. I have no complaints here, other than it’s a little too short.



Total Score: 42/50

That’s the highest score I’ve given, so… pretty good score?

Frankly, and I tried to keep the gushing down. This is one of the best RPG purchases I’ve made in recent years, and I can’t wait to get a real campaign going and buckle down to play in a mythic history of Arthur. I would highly recommend this RPG to anyone, and it’s got a very strong chance of being in my top 3 RPGs of all time list.