RPG Review: Warriors of the Red Planet

product_thumbnailWarriors of the Red Planet is a Sword and Planet OSR RPG that is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs “John Carter” series. It’s a small little book. Here it is laid over my 5e Player’s Handbook.BwkWiNGCUAI0gRJ


Right? Small. It doesn’t clock it at a huge page count (134 pages), but what it does have, it makes good use of.

Now the copy I got was a beta edition, so there were some typos, layout, and formatting issues, but overall it was decently done. The art is all black and white, and the small paperback format mean it’s easy to transport. The game is OSR so it’s designed to emulate the first edition of D&D and what it does there, it does well. There are four classes in the game: Fighting-Man, Scoundrel, Mentalist, Scientist. The GM’s section also presents an alternate Sorcerer class for use in the game.

The included classes are fairly representative of the genre and the mindset of 1e D&D, but the game does some interesting adaptations of the scientist.

The Bestiary is packed and decently thought out. Monsters are both drawn from ERB’s fiction and other references.

The best part of the book is the generation tables for both names and other features of Sword and Planet features.

For the price point, I can’t think of a better Sword and Planet RPG you can get on the market. Give it a whirl.

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