Game Review: Cash n’ Guns

cash-and-gunsI had the chance to pick up the second edition of Cash n’ Guns at GenCon. So what is Cash n’ Guns?

Aside from flagging this blog and my search history and ensuring the NSA (like they already weren’t) will monitor me, it’s a game about pointing toy foam guns at your friends and taking their fake money.

How you ask? While, the Godfather, counts to three, and then all mayhem breaks loose as everyone is pointing toy guns at everyone else.

It’s sort of like someone turned a Coen movie into a board game.

And it’s fantastic. The ruleset is simple, fun, and dynamic, without being one-sided or antagonistic (surprising, right?). Anyone can play it, and learn it in a matter of minutes (probably 1, but I’ll give some leeway).

For 40$, it was a purchase I will never regret. Even if the NSA does start watching me closely.