Film Review: Sin City 2

sin-city-2-joseph-gordon-levitt-posterSo, as anyone who knows me knows, I love film noir. That love extends to neo-noir film. I mean, crap, I even loved The Spirit. It’s hard to go wrong by me with noir.

Way to go, Rodriguez and Miller. Bunch of jerks figured out how to make me actively dislike a noir film.

The movie was visually stunning, as I expected. And I really liked the plot structure of the stories they told. The plot a, plot b, plot c, wrap up c, wrap up b, wrap up a, was an excellent and different narrative structure.

But. The dialogue felt cliche, forced and worn. It lacked the uniqueness and pop of the first one. The acting was forced and several of the characters were wooden and empty. The stories were generic and cliched and I really just found myself losing interest several times throughout the movie.

Frankly, I will buy it. Mostly to complete my noir collection of films, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Rating: 2/10