My GenCon Schedule

If you didn’t already know, I will be at GenCon this week.

My schedule is pretty crazy and packed but we’ll see what you can figure out. If you find me, we’ll be throwing together random tests and play of the Schlock Mercenary RPG.

I fly in Wednesday night, and have a Pathfinder game with friends.  After that…see the schedule below.


2-6 pm: I work the Greater Than Games booth

7 pm: L5R RPG Grand Experience

8:30 pm: Demoing Gallant with Dungeon Crawler Radio


11 am: L5R Main Storyline Qualifier

2-6 pm: I work the Greater Than Games booth


10 am to 6 pm: I work the Greater Than Games booth

8 pm: L5R Big Experience

Pretty packed. I’m gonna be swamped. But if you can track me down during any of the times I’m free, or catch me at the Greater Than Games booth during one of my work times and set up a time for us to playtest the SMRPG with you. You’d better find 3 other friends who want to play though.

Howard has every intention of playing with us, at least once! So let’s get this squared away and have a great time. I look forward to seeing ywithll there.

If you wanna find me without hunting me down, check  @AlanBahr@HowardTayler, and @Schlocktroops on Twitter.