Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy



This movie came out Thursday night. Within twelve hours of it coming out, I’d seen it twice.

This is the best movie ever made.

I saw this as a huge Captain America fan, who consistently decries anyone who disagrees with me on that topic. And don’t get me wrong, my opinions of the Captain America stand-alone films are not diminished. Rather, I had no idea a movie that felt like this could be made. Frankly, I imagine my feelings in the theater as the opening title danced on screen were similar to the first viewings of Star Wars: A New Hope on the big screen.

I could rave on and on about the action, and the dialogue, and the special effects, and the in-Universe references, and the soundtrack, and the score, and the acting, but I won’t.

It was awesome. I’ll see it again. And again. And then I’ll buy it.  I don’t have any better words to describe this movie. I felt like a kid, who had been given the worlds greatest present.

And Marvel now has a line of credit with me that will last them several bad movies. Several.