Film Review: Hercules

Last night, I went and saw Hercules. Hercules_(2014_film)

It was pretty good. I’m using pretty good loosely because if I’m being honest, I went in with little to no expectations. Generally speaking, I have a hard time with movies based around classic mythology because…let’s be honest…they’re usually really bad.

I was pleasantly surprised. This wasn’t Clash of the Titans where the Gods walk the mortal coil among their children. This wasn’t Troy where the Gods make a minimal character building experience. If it’s even a God in that film.

This was a movie where Hercules was a man or maybe more then a man. Certainly he was superhumanly strong. But Gods and magics and monsters weren’t the order of the day. This was a movie that showed you how legends and stories are based on kernels of truth.

Ian McShane completely stole the show as a cynical and sarcastic seer. The action sequences were good, and drove the plot forward. Seeing the Thracians fight in formation was fun, and the period clothing and armor (for the most part) was well delivered. Would I buy it? Probably not. Would I watch it again? Yeah. That I would. It was probably the best Greek mythology movie I’ve seen in recent history/memory.

Rating: 7/10